About the Author

1383658_10200692492904334_1071974255_nSarcastic. A dreamer. An award-winning writer. A journalist. Hearing impaired.

Since 2011, some unlucky genetics have wreaked havoc on my hearing. A little high-school music during running seasons dint help either, contributing to my already annoying tinnitus. For a while, I let my worsening hearing loss take over my life. (I may have hid out at the barn instead of heading to class to avoid missing half my professor’s words and feeling stupid.) By the fall of 2013 (after I failed my law school torts class), my hearing loss became the focal point of my life and this blog my sanctuary. I’m also currently a member of the HLAA – Twin Cities.

Since then, “Hear ‘What?’ (formerly  “Conscious Ramblings”) has continued to be not only a sanctuary for myself, but has also become a place where I try to help others with hearing loss and those who know or love people with hearing loss. My hearing loss will never go away, but it’s made me a stronger person and has opened the door to me for a bright future giving back.

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, University of Missouri,
  • Awards:
    • Associated Press Sports Editors
    • Missouri Press Association
    • Society of Professional Journalists
    • Hermes Creative Awards
  • Publications:

I am available for speaking arrangements and writing opportunities. Please contact me here





4 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. We all have obstacles, some more challenging than others. The question becomes one of what motivates us to tackle it head on?

    Congrats indealing with hearing loss.


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