Anger: The Little Black Box Inside

Anger is such a delicate passion. It is volatile, and yet, it is as fragile as glass, its very membrane¬†broken with the slightest touch. Guilt and fear prey upon anger, drinking its fire until nothing but ashes are left. It is so easily created, so vehemently protected and yet so easily destroyed. And it is… Continue reading Anger: The Little Black Box Inside

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Can you HEAR me NOW?

(appeared in Sept. 2014¬†Missouri Hearing Society¬†Newsletter) Two college boys shout at me across the living room, their white cotton shirts lifted with one hand to conceal their mouths. "Can you hear me?" "What about now?" "Hey! Hey! Can you hear me?" They shout at me through the fabric assuming I can't hear them. I can.… Continue reading Can you HEAR me NOW?