Anger: The Little Black Box Inside

Anger is such a delicate passion. It is volatile, and yet, it is as fragile as glass, its very membrane┬ábroken with the slightest touch. Guilt and fear prey upon anger, drinking its fire until nothing but ashes are left. It is so easily created, so vehemently protected and yet so easily destroyed. And it is… Continue reading Anger: The Little Black Box Inside


Should’ve Been Born 30

When you leave college there is a lot of pressure to find a full-time, career-based job. In fact, it is almost a race to see who can get a job first and then, secondly, who can get the best job first. We all want to be successful, to have money and to build a lifestyle… Continue reading Should’ve Been Born 30

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Controlling Beautiful

A recent run this morning reminded me of the importance of self awareness and body image. As a woman, I am constantly faced with the pressures of what is considered "beautiful" by men, the media and well just about everyone with a social media account. After two months off running, my incredibly slow run that… Continue reading Controlling Beautiful