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What Is It Really Like to Lose Your Hearing?

A version of this was originally published in Prevention Magazine's "9 Women Share What It Feels Like To Lose Your Hearing." You don’t appreciate your hearing until you lose it. You may not even realize it’s happening. Hearing loss can develop gradually, and our body instinctively adjusts. Or if you’re like me, you spend 12 years denying it… Continue reading What Is It Really Like to Lose Your Hearing?


An Unbroken Chain: Forgiveness is Easy, Forgetting is Hard

It stares at me from the darkness, ever watchful and aware. There are times I forget It's presence and walk blissfully unaware for hours, days, sometimes even months. Life becomes indescribably beautiful, full of light, joy and opportunity. Life is not tainted with worry, sorrow or fear, and it is not consumed by the instances of… Continue reading An Unbroken Chain: Forgiveness is Easy, Forgetting is Hard

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Goodbye Truck. Goodbye License.

It seemed so insignificant seven years ago when I first got my drivers license. It seemed a hassle when after losing it in Florida over Spring Break last year; I had to return to Texas to get a replacement. It was so precious today as I held it in my hand one last time before… Continue reading Goodbye Truck. Goodbye License.

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Can you HEAR me NOW?

(appeared in Sept. 2014 Missouri Hearing Society Newsletter) Two college boys shout at me across the living room, their white cotton shirts lifted with one hand to conceal their mouths. "Can you hear me?" "What about now?" "Hey! Hey! Can you hear me?" They shout at me through the fabric assuming I can't hear them. I can.… Continue reading Can you HEAR me NOW?